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UAB "Kogus" was established in the middle of 1992. Since its beginning, UAB "Kogus" has been producing frozen dumplings "koldūnai" and crepes with various fillings.

Since the moment of establishment a small public catering company developed into a solid production company. Besides, this process has been evolving at a really fast pace, e.g. from 2000 to 2005 the sales volume increased by more than three times. Through 2004-2006 UAB "Kogus" participated in the project "Gazelle" and was acknowledged one of the most successful and fast-developing companies in Lithuania. In 2003 the reconstruction was carried out thanks to which the company was granted the EU certificate that is essential willing to join the European Union markets.

 At this stage, the company production is well known in the Lithuanian internal market. A significant part of our production is exported abroad. There is a continuous work carried out concerning the expansion of sales geography.

Our partners in Lithuania are the biggest sales networks such as MAXIMA LT, UAB "Palink", UAB "Norfos mažmena", UAB "RIMI Lietuva" and others.

We can offer more than 20 products to our partners: various frozen dumplings ("koldūnai"), crepes, potato dumplings ("cepelinai"), curd dumplings ("varškėčiai").

 Production quality control is a continuous process in our company.

Our priority in terms of cost reduction is the modernization of production technology and the installation of energy saving technologies.

 The mission of our company is to offer a high-quality production, which is both healthy and tasty.

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