Dumplings made from grated potatoes with meat filling

Preparation recipes

Dumplings are put in salted starchy boiling water (for 1 kg of dumplings it is recommended to use 4-5 l of water and 1-2 tsp of potato starch dissolved in cold water). On rising to the surface, dumplings are cooked for 40-45 min.
They are served with various sauces.


Potato pulp 70% (grated potatoes, boiled potatoes, potato starch, salt, vitamin C), meat stuff 30% (pork 75%, lard, fried onions, drinking water, salt, pepper, spices).

Net weight

500 g.

Nutritional and energetic value per 100 g

- energetic value - 599 kJ/140 kcal
- fat – 6,1 g (out of which saturated fatty acids - 2,1 g)
- carbohydrates – 16,3 g (gout of which sugar – 0,7 g)
- proteins – 4,8 g
- salt – 0,8 g

Storage conditions

t -18°C 360 days